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Hemooset's Temple

Things That Leaked Out Of My Mind

21 March
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I am a pagan of long practicing living in South London, England. While I am a very experienced shaman, in recent years I have found myself drawn increasingly down a kemetic path, and am now working fully in a kemetic manner. I am currently studying heiroglyphics at City University, while reading in detail on the religion and culture of Ancient Egypt so I can better understand the path down which I now walk.

My guiding deity these days is Aset (that's Isis to the rest of you) although I give reverence to all the deities of Kemet. I also fully accept and work with other pantheons when necessary, and have a particular affinity for Frejya.

I am happy to discuss this with pretty much anyone at any time. But please note: I don't do politics. I don't do one upmanship. I don't do mind games. if you want to show that I am wrong, or have an error in my studies, I am happy to discuss this rationally. If you merely wish to bitch at me, do angst, or play stupid little games for your own amusement - or even drag me into your own squabbles between friends - forget it right now. I don't do that sort of thing. I love everyone equally on their own merits and refuse point blank to be involved in arguments between two other people. I reason that if you are an adult then you are supposed to be capable of behaving like an adult, and I won't get involved. If you make a mistake, live with it - that's what being an adult involves!

I also have other issues. I suffer from Behcet's Disease (amongst other things) and also from gender dysphoria. I am not militant about any of this, and merely ask for your tolerance and understanding.

Em Hotep!